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Thanks to our flexible advertising options on our site, your business will benefit from an advertising campaign perfectly tailored to your specific requirements, target market, and available promotion budget.

Thus, you can choose:

- the suitable advertising format;
- the number of ad displays or the necessary duration;
- the positioning of your advertisement: on the site (all pages or only certain pages) and on the page;
- the mode of display: continuous or preferential (on certain days, during specific time intervals, etc.);
- the time intervals for displaying the advertisement;
- the days of the week you wish to have your advertisement appear (for example: on one or more weekdays, Saturday or Sunday, the entire week).

All our clients receive a final evaluation report* of the online advertising campaign, as well as periodic reports* (for longer-term campaigns).

These reports contain:

- the total number of banner displays / the number of newsletters sent;
- the average number of displays per day/week/month;
- the number of clicks;
- the click-through rate.

*For the monitoring of advertising campaigns through banners, our site uses a specialized program that complies with the standards of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), an organization that establishes international standards and rules for online advertising.

Depending on the volume of advertising contracted, there are several levels of applicable discounts.

For details, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

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