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Dedicated Services for Companies

The services offered by to both private and state-owned companies from Romania and abroad are without additional fees.

The toll sticker prices are set through specific legal regulations, and does not charge extra fees.

The services provided by are 100% free.


The toll sticker price includes VAT and free delivery via email! No additional fees for the toll sticker!


For our current and future clients, we offer several options for quickly placing toll sticker orders:

  1. Placing orders through dedicated software accessible from your computer.


  • An application for placing orders on the internet compatible with all major web browsers;
  • Non-stop availability;
  • The toll sticker is received at your email address;
  • Secured access with username and password;
  • Keeping a history of all placed orders;
  • Placing multiple orders for toll stickers;
  • Availability of users for the entire vehicle fleet, drivers and/or dispatchers;
  • Real-time order placement;
  • Cost efficiency;
  • No additional costs on your part.
  1. Placing orders assisted by a dedicated account manager


  • Placing orders through a standard order form;
  • Availability from 08:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays;
  • Placing multiple orders for toll stickers;
  • Cost efficiency;
  • No additional costs on your part;
  • Dedicated account managers with relevant experience in the field;
  • Unique phone number/SMS;
  • Assistance in optimally placing orders.

For all types of collaboration, we provide the following services:

  • Dedicated personnel with relevant experience in the field;
  • A unique phone number for call/SMS;
  • Specialist assistance with relevant experience in the specific legislation of the field;
  • Checking the validity of toll stickers for the entire vehicle fleet;
  • Automatic warning of due dates/expirations;
  • Custom warning of due dates at predetermined intervals;
  • Professionalism and dedication;
  • Continuous information on news in the field.

For any of the collaboration options above, as well as for a personalized offer for your company, please contact us!

BCR Bank SA Bank Code RNCB IBAN Account in LEI RO23RNCB0106154135210001

Phone: 0732773774 Address: Cluj-Napoca, Str. Decebal, Nr. 69 Schedule: Monday - Friday, 08:00 - 17:00, excluding public holidays

For Public Institution clients, please use the account RO 23 RNCB 0106 1541 3521 0001 Treasury of Cluj-Napoca